Head Tracker v2.1

Welcome to the Head Tracker Project!

If you're an RC enthusiast with a FPV headset, at some point you might have thought wouldn't it be cool if you could turn your head and the camera would follow. That is the intention of this project.
To build this project you only need to purchase a single Arduino Nano 33 BLE to build and costs only $26.30 USD!
Follow the links in the menu, they will guide you through building one.


  • You only need to purchase a single easy to source and not too expensive Arduino Nano33BLE board. ABX00030 (Also available at Arduino, Digikey, Newark, Mouser, Amazon and more)
  • No need to track down additional sensor boards. All sensors are already included on the Nano
  • Directly communicate with Bluetooth radios. Taranis X9d+2019, Horus X10, Taranis QX7S, Taranis, etc.. Both PARA and Bluetooth Trainer wireless is supported as of V2.0+
  • Bluetooth wireless link is available using a second Nano33BLE board. It acts like a FRSky remote and outputs PPM or SBUS. For those that don't have a PARA transmitter and want wireless.
  • No switch to reset zero is needed. Can use the proximity sensor with the BLE Sense board and just place your hand over top.
  • Physical reset zero switch is still available on the head or remote board.
  • A reset zero event can be configured to send a pulse on a specified output channel. This can be interpreted by the Radio to play an audio track like "camera recentered".
  • No compiling code. A flash uploader is included in the GUI with ready to go firmware online.
  • Calibration is easily done in the GUI with wizard and visual feedback.
  • PPM Input, overrides the channels of your choice and outputs via PPM or Bluetooth (**3.3v Only** please verify your PPM signal level before connecting, see PPM Input)
  • PPM input can be input from the remote or the head board Use version > v2.10
  • SBUS output from either head or remote boards
  • Ability to mount in any orientation
  • 4x PWM Outputs
  • 4x Analog inputs
  • USB Joystick Output. Allows use of channels 1-8 as a HID joystick device. You can setup to receive PPM/Bluetooth from your radio and use it on your favorite simulator if your radio doesn't already support a simulator. (V2.04+)

Upcoming Features

  • SBUS Input support
  • Android app for field setup and changes

Looking for a easy to use ready to go Gimbal for Purchase.