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Flashing Firmware

The first step to getting this working is to flash the firmware onto the Nano 33 BLE. From the GUI choose Firmware, Upload firmware
Main GUI
Pick the most recent one available from the Online Firmware source.
Firmware Choice
Click Program. Then plug the Nano into your computer with a USB cable.
Once you see Programming Successful, go ahead and click close. That's it.
If you are unable to program and stuck on the step "Waiting for Com Port" Try double tapping the reset button on the board while on this step. Reset is the white button on the Nano33 series of boards. This will force bootloader mode on the board. The indicator led should increase and decrease in intensity when in bootloader mode. Note: Waiting for programming port will take longer than normal before it tries the first port found. If this still does not help, try another USB cable and/or a different USB port. If this still does not work there is probably a driver issue. Double tap the reset button, be sure the LED indicator shows it's in bootloader mode. When in this mode you should have a COM port listed on your PC. If not you will have to try using utilities such as Zadig to change the driver used.