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Hardware Required

#1 Arduino Nano 33 BLE or DTQSYS Head Tracker

You will need either a Arduino Nano 33 BLE or the DTQSYS Head Tracker. Assembling the Nano 33 BLE is not difficult but, if you want a ready to go one there are suppliers that sell a pre wired kit with a case and all required cables. The DTQSYS is pretty much ready to go as well, just connect your trainer cable to the port and plug a battery in.

Nano 33 BLE - Pre built kits

There are two suppliers who sell the pre-built kits with a Nano 33 BLE

Nano 33 BLE - Build it yourself

The new Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense Rev 2 is not supported in version 2.1. The sensors on the board have changed. Please use development version until 2.2 is released. See Git Workflow and Actions
There are two variants of the Arduino Nano 33 BLE. The "Basic" one and the "Sense" version. Both have identical PCB's but the Sense has additional IC's installed. The proximity sensor on the Sense version can be used to reset the center instead of a physical switch.
Head Tracker Equipment
Buy the board from Rotorgeeks
If you have no intention of using the proximity sensor, buy the cheaper BLE board.
These boards are available from many sources. You can use the Octopart Search. It will show many suppliers stock, updated regularly:
The links below are to the basic Nano 33 BLE (not the sense version)

If you buy a Nano 33 BLE boards with headers pre-installed and want to remove them.

An easy way is to use a set of flush cut snips and clip off all the pins and remove the plastic bits from the bottom side. You will now only have short pieces of pin remaining. Heat one pin at a time from the top side of the board until it's loose, while holding it in your hand above a table. Smack your hand on the bench and the pin and solder will be ejected out downward leaving a nice clean hole.

DTQSYS Head Tracker

This board is purpose built for a Head Tracker by @Lele (Discord). You can find them on AliExpress or Banggood.
This board requires version 2.2, which is not yet released. Please use the github action built firmware and GUI until it's ready. SeeGit Workflow and Actions It's currently shipping with a Beta 2.2 firmware.

#2 USB Cable

The Arduino Nano 33 BLE board is using a rare type of the USB connector. On this board it is Micro-AB. This means that the following 2 types of connectors will fit:
There is a chance that you do not have cable with this type of connector. In case you will have to make an order, check the picture of the cable as sometimes cables have wrong or too generic description. These are the connectors that will work:

#3 Push Button Switch

This is not required with the pre-built kits or the Dtqsys Board
You will want to be able to line up the camera with the way you are facing. This is done by resetting the center with a button. If you bought the "Sense" version of the Arduino Nano 33 BLE then you can use the proximity sensor instead. Any normally open push button will work. Photo below is an example of a small tactile 6x6mm one.

#4 RC Radio

It must support Trainer input functionality (PPM, SBUS or Bluetooth). Most radios support trainer using PPM with a 3.5mm head phone connector. Please refer to your manual for functionality and proper connector.
  • Frsky
  • RadioMaster
  • Jumper
  • Radiolink
  • Spektrum
  • Flysky
  • Futaba
  • and many more..

#5 FPV Headset

Any analog or digital FPV headset will work. Brands such as:
  • DJI
  • Fatshark
  • Eachine
  • and many more...

#6 Camera + Camera Tilt/Roll/Pan Mount or Gimbal

You will mount this on your plane/drone/boat/rower, which will translate movements of your head into the movements of the camera.